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Haute Couture

An Exclusive Programme of Exceptional Care Products for outstanding results

After 4 years of research, Biologique Recherche has developed a programme that is unique in the world of cosmetic care: The Biologique Recherche Haute Couture Programme.

Applying its expertise in exceptional personalised care products, Biologique Recherche is now extending its individualised approach to develop customised care products along with seven months’ support for outstanding results.

Just like the entire Biologique Recherche Methodology, this exceptional programme is based on three phases that have given it its reputation for effectiveness: cosmetological evaluation of the skin, initialisation and care – three fundamental phases that will be applied over the course of several months based on an individualised assessment.


Biologique Recherche

A dynamic and unique response to changes in the Instant de Peau©

The profound difference in the Biologique Recherche approach lies in its “custom” view of the skin, which is not treated in a static way but in terms of “Skin Instants©” (literally: “skin instants”). The artificial classification of skin as normal, dry or oily has little physiological basis and can only give a static image of the cosmetological imbalances of the skin.Many external factors such as climate, temperature, air-conditioning, tobacco, pollution, and internal factors like stress, sex hormones, lifestyle and age, interact on the skin. The Biologique Recherche methodology addresses the skin in terms of each of these factors and changes in them.

With a library of over 60 targeted active ingredients to achieve the right response to specific problems for all Skin Instants©, the Haute Couture Programme lets you follow the Skin Instant© dynamics over the course of the programme, in line with seasonal changes, diurnal cycles and changes over time.


Biologique Recherche

It all starts with High Precision Measurement…

During the first consultation, the Biologique Recherche expert carries out a precise dermo-cosmetic diagnosis to identify the specific Skin Instant© problems. This evaluation includes a visual analysis, photographs, a dermocosmetic questionnaire, careful listening as well as very extensive and precise measurements.

These highly precise measurements will determine the skin’s hydration and sebum ratios, transepidermal water loss, elasticity, firmness and melanin ratio as well as the depth of wrinkles by taking silicone prints. Based on this evaluation, an objective analysis of all the data and personalised recommendations for the next 6 months by Doctor Philippe Allouche, creator of the Biologique Recherche exceptional care system, the formulation team in his Paris laboratory will prepare custom formulations of creams and serums: the Biologique Recherche Haute Couture Pack.

Each month, a new Pack of specially formulated products, 2 creams and 3 to 8 serums, will be prepared.

… to “design” six custom Packs of fresh specially formulated products

The first consultation will identify specific Skin Instant© problems,

Month 1, the Preparation phase Before receiving your custom treatment in the best conditions and while your skin diagnosis is being analysed, you will use Biologique Recherche care products to soothe and balance your skin.
Month 2, the Induction phase Your personalised care programme is finally revealed, you receive your first Haute Couture Pack. It includes creams and serums for a month of treatment. The products softly care for your skin, addressing its specific balancing needs.
Months 3 to 5, the Boost phase Your skin is now ready to accept a stronger treatment which is integrated in an optimal way. For 3 months, the Boost phase attacks the underlying problems affecting your skin.
Month 6, the Balancing phaseThe two final Haute Couture Packs stabilise the Skin Instant©. Your skin is now healthy and the problem has been treated. All you need to do now is consolidate what you have achieved.
Report At every stage of this programme, by coming to a care-treatment meeting at Biologique Recherche you can let us verify that the treatment is perfectly adapted and ensure that it evolves as your skin improves. At the end of the 6th month, a new set of measurements and a full report of the Skin Instant© by our expert will conclude this exceptional Programme.
Six Month Program – $16,000

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